ShelterPoint Life Insurance – Formerly First Rehab Life 1972 Located at
1225 Franklin Avenue, Ste. 475, Garden City, NY.
Phone: 516-82908100

Coverage Options

  • Employers may elect to cover specific classes of employees with 100% participation per class.
  • 3 plans to suit any needs.
Special Remarks
  • Stand-alone product.
  • Employees who are spread out over different areas have equal benefits.
  • Executives will use the benefits as much as any other employee.
Underwriting Requirements
  • Only full-time employees working at least 30 hours per week are eligible. (Note: Employees with other Vision coverage who have a signed waiver don't count towards the number of eligible employees.
  • Most recent quarterly wage report is required on submission for groups of 2-4 employees only (additional information may be required on a case by case basis).
  • 100% participation of eligible employees is required at all times.
  • Employees don't contribute (employer pays 100% of the premium for all eligible employees).
  • Groups of 2-4 lives must have prior (existing) coverage to qualify. Evidence of prior Vision coverage is required. Groups of 2-4 lives without prior coverage will only be considered with a supporting Dental submission.
Claims Guide

For information on how to submit a claim, click here.