ShelterPoint Life Insurance – Formerly First Rehab Life 1972 Located at
1225 Franklin Avenue, Ste. 475, Garden City, NY.
Phone: 516-82908100

Why choose us?

  • NY-domiciled carrier founded in 1972 as The First Rehabilitation Insurance Company and renamed to ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company in 2014
  • New York’s expert in statutory disability and Paid Family Leave
  • Ranked #1 in New York in statutory short-term disability premiums1
  • Ranked #6 nationwide by NAIC in total short-term disability lives covered2
  • ShelterPoint Life acquired ShelterPoint Insurance Company (a FL-domiciled carrier) in 2014

Together, as the ShelterPoint Family of Companies, we

  • Are licensed in 50 jurisdictions
  • Insure over 160,000 employers and more than 1.6 million members
  • Offer a broad portfolio of group benefits such as Dental, Vision, Hospital Cash, Medical Gap, etc.
  • Stand by a distribution model exclusively through independent agents and brokers.

  • 1State of New York Workers’ Compensation Board, form DB-680, 2016 – applies to statutory disability premiums under ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company only.
  • 2NAIC, 2013 Market Share Reports – applies to ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company only.

As the statutory DBL benefit has not increased since 1989, we have set the pace as market innovator for enhanced benefits to give New Yorkers the benefits they need and deserve. ShelterPoint Life was the first to market with:
  • In-Hospital Rider – since 1989
  • 1.5x and 2x Enhanced DBL – since 2006
  • 3x Enhanced DBL – since 2008
  • 4x and 5x Enhanced DBL – since 2010
  • AD&D Rider – since 2010
Our DBL/PFL claim portal (available online and as mobile app) allows employees to manage their claim 24/7: for example, view their claim status, see if and what action they need to take to assure continued processing, view history of benefit payments, get alerts, upload forms, and much more.
Advantages for your clients:
  • Less questions for the HR/Benefit person (and you)
  • Great for large groups where the sheer volume of claims may impede the HR/Benefit person
  • Just as great for small groups where the owner or benefit person “doesn’t speak DBL”
Broker Portal
You can submit and track DBL/PFL applications and manage your book, e.g. check premium payment history, get policy cancellation warnings, download DB120 or DB120.1 and much more...
Your client can pay their DBL/PFL conveniently online.
Our suite of BaseLine products makes Group Insurance quick and easy for insurance producers and employers alike. The current line-up includes Term Life and Hospital Cash insurance as well as separate non-insurance solutions (Nurse HelpLine and an Employer & Employee Assistance Program).
The BaseLine Advantage
  • Fast-tracked submission: no roster, no enrollment forms, guaranteed issue. It only takes one click to add this coverage to any online DBL submission.
  • BaseLine equals simplicity: no rate tiers, one plan design, one bill (together with DBL).
May be perfect for small businesses that...
  • ... are looking for basic, fundamental benefits.
  • ... may go be underserved by brokers.
We have been dedicated to PFL and a well-thought through implementation plan from the day the law was passed. Our early commitment allowed us to build up our operational and systems capabilities – to assure a smooth transition and service experience.
Continued Optimization
  • As PFL evolves, we also continue to enhance and build efficiencies to assure financial sustainability of our PFL operation.
Broker Compensation
  • We’re committed to a sustainable and competitive commission structure, one that works in the marketplace and supports a healthy partnership with you, our brokers.
As New York’s leading and largest DBL carrier1 we carry the responsibility to do right by our customers – on all levels.

We wrote our first DBL policy in 1974 and now provide DBL/PFL coverage to more than 160,000 NY employers (and 1.6m employees). With DBL as our core product for over 4 decades, we have built up niche expertise and continuously optimize our DBL capabilities. As a result of our leadership role in the statutory market, NY brokers have been turning to us as the DBL Experts.

With the emergence of Paid Family Leave (PFL), we expand our legacy from being your DBL Experts to your PFL Experts as well – guiding and educating you and your clients as the regulations have unfolded and PFL has come to life in its first year: look to our consistent updates and dedicated PFL website as your trusted go-to resource.
  • Over 80 informational and educational articles on PFL since 2017
  • More than 8,000 subscribers to our regular PFL updates
  • Live PFL Expert Panels to educate employers in partnership with NYS SHRM and SHRM-LI