ShelterPoint Life Insurance – Formerly First Rehab Life 1972 Located at
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Logo/Info Use Request


Looking to simply link to our site or use our name/logo?

Great, we’re excited to see that you’d like to share this. There are just a few rules to follow depending on what it is you’re looking to share.

Level 1 — Hyperlink only

Simple hyperlinks to this website that do not include any information other than the respective company name (ShelterPoint Life or ShelterPoint Insurance, click here for details), only need registration with us – no special approval required. Registration is quick and easy, just fill out the “Permission to Hyperlink” form here and follow the guidelines on that page.

Level 2 — Use of company logo or company description

Any logo use or description of the ShelterPoint family of companies (or either of its entities, ShelterPoint Life or ShelterPoint Insurance) must be approved by ShelterPoint Life prior to use – even if you copy/paste information directly from our “About Us” section on the website or other existing material. This approval requirement applies to any medium, whether print, web, video, or any other method the logo/description could be disseminated.

To obtain approval, please fill out the corresponding Logo/Info Use Agreement and email it to .

Level 3 — Product Information

If you’re looking to include any product information in your materials, we strongly encourage you to use our existing materials that you can easily customize with your agency name. If you are an existing producer, simply log in or create an online account to use our “Custom Brochures” feature. Otherwise, please contact your sales representative. Others product specific materials need to go through a rigorous compliance review and approval prior to use. Please note: No unapproved materials can be distributed. Failure to obtain approval, may be reason to terminate your appointment.


Members of the media,, please e-mail with the following details:

  • Name of the publication you work for
  • Subject and targeted publication date of the article
  • Context in which you are planning to use the logo
  • Preferred file format of the logo
  • Your contact details