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Special Remarks
  1. We will assist with all administrative actions required to move a TDB plan.
  • We pay the annual assessment fee.
  • Plan administration included after initial enrollment.
  • Quarterly and annual Third-Party Sick Pay employer reports included.
Underwriting Requirements
  • TDB plans can only be moved from the State effective the first day of a quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1).
  • Every policyholder must cover all eligible full-time employees with a minimum of 25 covered employees at all times.

1. How do the provisions of Private Plans compare to the State Plan?

Benefits and coverage must be at least equal to the State Plan; and the eligibility requirements cannot be more restrictive than under the State Plan. Employers and employees are not required to contribute to the State’s Temporary Disability Insurance Trust Fund while the Private Plan is in force.

2. Can employees be required to contribute to the cost of a Private Plan?

Yes, if a contributory plan is elected. However, employees cannot be asked to contribute more than under the State Plan. For 2016, the contribution rate is 0.20% of the first $32,600 (taxable wage base) earned in a calendar year. Currently, the maximum contribution amount per employee is capped at $65.20. Please note: If you intend to have your employees contribute to the cost of the plan, a written election is required, and the majority of employees must agree to the plan before it becomes effective.

3. Does the Division of Temporary Disability Insurance track what Private Plans do?

Yes, Private Plans must forward copies of all denials for cause to the Private Plan Compliance Section’s Claim Review Unit. Private Plans must also file semi-annual reports showing the number of claims filed and accepted, and the gross amount of benefits paid during the preceding 6-month period.

Questions your employees may have:

1. How do I know if I’m covered under a TDB plan?

State Plan coverage is automatically provided to employees who work in New Jersey for a New Jersey covered employer. Your employer may choose to replace their State Plan with a Private Plan. You can ask your employer which Plan you are covered under.

2. I live in NY and work in NJ. Would I receive DBL or TDB benefits?

If eligible, you would receive TDB benefits. Coverage available to individuals is based on where they work – not where they live or where their employer is headquartered.

3. Our company has a Private Plan. Do I use the NJ State claim form, or does the private carrier provide their own form?

You can use the official NJ State claim form or your private carrier’s claim form, if they have one.

4. I exhausted my benefits under the Private Plan, but I’m still disabled. Can I collect State Plan benefits now?

No. If your employer has a Private Plan replacing the State Plan, you are not covered by the State Plan. Therefore, you cannot be paid State Plan benefits. If you continue to be disabled, you might be eligible for Long-Term Disability benefits, if you are covered by an LTD policy. You may also contact your local Social Security office about Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits.

5. Can I appeal if I disagree with a claim decision by a Private Plan?

Yes, you can file an appeal with the Division of Temporary Disability Insurance:
Division of Temporary Disability Insurance
Private Plan Operations
Claims Review Unit
PO Box 957
Trenton, NJ 08625-0957
Telephone: (609) 292-7060
Fax: (609) 292-2537

6. I accidentally mailed my claim to the State Plan’s office. What should I do?

You don’t need to do anything. The Temporary Disability Insurance Office will forward your claim to the correct carrier.

Claims Guide

How to submit a claim

Send your completed claim form with documentation to ShelterPoint Life via
Fax: 516-504-6414
Mail: TDB Claims • ShelterPoint Life • 1225 Franklin Avenue, Ste. 475, Garden City • NY 11530