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Our Dental plans offer you the freedom of using the dentist of your choice. There are no network restrictions. However, you may enjoy greater savings by choosing a network dentist in most areas. Therefore, ShelterPoint Life has partnered with DenteMax to provide a broad selection of network dentists. DenteMax has more than 100,000 participating dentists nationwide. Each dentist must pass strict credentialing guidelines in order to become a participating dentist, and recredentialing is required every three years. Aside from quality assurance, participating DenteMax dentists have accepted a fixed, lower rate schedule of fees when receiving payment for their services. So, when visiting a network provider, your out-of-pocket expenses may be reduced significantly. Here’s an example:

Non-Network Dentist   DenteMax Dentist  
Dentist’s fee $850 Dentist’s negotiated DenteMax fee $600
Allowable charge $800
Co-insurance 50% of allowable charge Co-insurance 50% of negotiated fee
Policy pays $400 Policy pays $300
You pay $450 You pay $300

In this example, you save $150 using a network dentist!

This is an example. Dollar amounts in this chart are for illustration only. Actual charges may differ from this example.

How Dentemax builds their network

Click here to locate a DenteMax provider:

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Please note: Under Dental policies with an effective date before July 1, 2010, only New York-based policyholders and insureds have access to the DenteMax network!